Why Internkeeda?

With an ever-increasing number of students opting for various engineering courses, lakhs of engineers graduate out of colleges every year. But not every graduate has the professional and practical knowledge to become an engineer. This makes it extremely difficult for freshers to secure a job. That is why it has become imperative for students to gain practical experience through various internships during the course of their graduation. But how do you get technical internships that will boost your career and give you the necessary exposure to the professional environment? This is where Internkeeda comes into action!

Last year, the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) made internships mandatory for engineering students to improve skills of fresh graduates and to provide them career development opportunities and gain practical experience in their chosen field or discipline. It has been decided that a minimum of 14 to 20 credits of Internship/Entrepreneurial activities/Project work/ Seminar and Inter/Intra Institutional Training may be counted toward B. Tech. degree programme and 10-14 credits for three year diploma programme. Here, 1 credit is equivalent to at least 40-45 hours of work. Therefore, a full-time intern is expected to invest 40 - 45 hours per week on Internship, Training, and other similar activities. This means students have to invest about 600 to 700 hours of total internship duration for B. Tech and 450-500 hours for diploma. Internships may be full-time or part-time; i.e. they can be full-time in the summer vacation and part-time during the academic session. The new rule implies that three internships are mandatory for engineering students in order to complete their graduation.

Internkeeda is the one-stop solution in Mumbai when it comes to securing technical internships for engineering students. It is a well-renowned institution that provides the best training, guidance and internship opportunities for students from various branches of engineering in Mumbai. We provide first-grade assistance and guidance for obtaining a valid technical internship with reputed firms.

Many a times, students find it difficult to differentiate between internships that will add value to their career and internships from bogus firms that simply employ students to complete their work hours. This is because the students are paid less than the bare minimum wage while the pending work of these firms can get completed easily.

Internkeeda aims at helping the students to secure technical internships with various reputed firms in order to help them get exposure to the working environment. We believe in actively involving our students in the process to create a healthy environment of learning. The staff and management are always open to all suggestions for improvement. We try to always involve students in the planning process to get a better idea of what the students require. We assure you confirmed technical internships with top-class firms and offer the best internship opportunities in Mumbai for engineering students.

The support of all our students is the secret behind the untarnished reputation of Internkeeda. Your satisfaction and happiness is our success. This enables us to always move ahead keeping in mind what we strongly believe in. They will have the opportunity to associate with reputed firms and learn under the guidance of experienced professionels.

The world around us is evolving and no institution can sustain for long without regular up-gradation. At Internkeeda, we firmly believe in updating ourselves to adhere to the changing course syllabus, learning methods and examination patterns and thus help the students to secure appropriate internship opportunities. We assure complete assistance to our students to ensure they secure technical internships based on their liking and choice throughout the course of their engineering degree.

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